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About Me

Hey, folks! I’m John, your go-to guide in the world of survivalism. Born and bred in the rugged plains of Texas, I learned the essence of self-reliance from a young age, molded by the unyielding landscape and the values of hard work and resilience that are the lifeblood of my beloved Lone Star State.

Growing up on a cattle ranch, I got my hands dirty and my boots muddy from day one. My folks taught me that life’s a dance with nature. You have to respect her, understand her, but most importantly, be prepared to grapple with her. That’s where my passion for survivalism began.

From learning to track a coyote through the scrubland, navigating by the stars on a clear Texas night, to practicing bushcraft with nothing but a knife and the flora around me, I was honing survival skills without even realizing it. These were not just pastimes; they were a way of life. They were the very tenets of survivalism: self-sufficiency, adaptability, and resilience.

I spent time in the Army right out of high school, serving my country and gaining a whole new perspective on survival. In the military, survivalism took on a different shade. It was tactical, strategic, and disciplined. I learned about preparedness on a whole new level and it shaped my approach to survivalism.

Post-military, I dove headlong into the world of modern survivalism. I trained, I studied, and I shared. I picked up skills in areas like bushcraft, wilderness survival, urban preparedness, off-grid living, and so much more. I’ve spent countless hours mastering techniques, understanding principles, and preparing for any scenario.

Today, I channel my passion for survivalism into teaching and sharing my knowledge. I truly believe that survival skills and a survivalist mindset are things every man and woman should have in their arsenal. Not out of fear, but out of a commitment to personal empowerment and resilience.

So here I am, a Texas-born survivalist with a mission to inspire and guide you through your survivalism journey. No pretenses, no macho posturing – just practical, real-world survival skills and advice, backed by experience and a passion for teaching. Let’s navigate this path together, my friends. Stay ready, stay safe, and keep surviving.